6 website ideas for your personal brand

Posted by Eric Goodenough on May 26, 2013

The thing about brands these days is that customers want to peek under the hood.  They want to see who is running the ship, make sure it’s not some old fart  with a bunch of smoke and lights behind a curtain. Customers want transparency, honesty and a to get to know you a little bit before they spend their hard earned cash.

If you are a solo-preneur or the genius behind the services you offer, make it known. Your brand is you.  Maybe it’s time to show you off.

You are awesome, your services are awesome, and it’s time your website reflected how amazing you are.

Personal branding website ideas: 6 ways to stand out

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite personal brands and why they got it right.

1.  Hire a Photographer

Nothing says “professional” quite like a professional head shot.  This is often the first impression that people will see when they come to your site.  If it looks like you took the photo yourself, doing your best duck face…you might not get the respect you are looking for.  Your head shot should capture your personality and make you look like a million bucks. Because you are worth it and it’s time your clients knew that too!

Kris Carr‘s new site is visually stunning. They used these great photos as the main design tool.  They are colorful, give you a great idea of who she is and what she’s all about. A little personality can go a long way!

2.  Great Copy and Headlines

Wanna keep visitors on your site?  Make sure they know who you are in less than 5 seconds.  Yep, that’s all you get to make an impression. I know, writing about how great you are is draining and complicated.  How much do you include?  Does it sound like bragging? Do they want to know the personal stuff?  Your headlines and copy should be about your target customer, what do they want, need, value?

Marie Forleo is the BEST of the best when it comes to web copy.  Just in this headline she is appealing to your desire to be rich, happy and hot I mean, who doesn’t want that?  She is clear about what she can do for you and throws a little personality in there too.

 3.  Invite visitors to learn more

Invite visitors to your site to get to know you and explore a bit.  Ask them to participate by leaving a comment or share anything they found useful.  Most people will need to hear from you about 7 times before they are convinced to buy.  So give them options on how to stay in touch.  The #1 BEST way to do this is by having an email newsletter.

Chris Brogan, social media and business expert is inviting you to have a cup of coffee with him.  He’s telling you how to get his best ideas and inviting you to keep in touch.  It’s personal, inviting and non-sales-y.

4.  Amazing layout and design

Do NOT skimp on this part!  If you want people to pay you a lot of money for your expertise and knowledge you need your site to look like you are rollin’ in the cash.  So hire the most expensive or best designer you can afford, and work with them to create a look you LOVE. And here’s a tip, they are professionals, they design for a living, so if they tell you that your logo needs to go in the upper left-hand corner, do not argue!  You are paying them to make you look great, so make sure that they can deliver.

Donal Skehan has really hit the web design jackpot here.  Donal’s site is all about the great photos and color scheme.  The links jump out at you, the photos are inviting and the navigation is simple.  The wood background is genius!

5.  Testimonials

You know that you are great and provide amazing solutions to your clients, but how do you gain trust from those that don’t know you?  That’s where the power of proof comes in.  Get your curent or previous clients to give you some feedback.  Include a photo so that people know that you didn’t make that person up.

Testimonials or praise should be highlighted on your site.  (And if you can get Richard Branson to give you a testimonial, that doesn’t hurt either) They should be short, sweet and make you sound amazing.  Don’t be afraid to let people know how awesome you are.

 6.  Use Video

The absolute best way to communicate who you are and what your company does is with a video starring the incredible Y.O.U.  Your videos are the best way to show that you have a personality and that you are an expert in your field.

Lewis Howes, has a great video right at the top of his about page that let’s you know exactly who he is and what business he is in.  He’s not just some airbrushed face on top of a website.  He is the real deal.

Ok let’s review:

  1. Photography – Spend money to make money.
  2. Headlines – Write some great copy, let 1st time visitors know what you are about in 5 seconds or less
  3. Invitation – Make it so tempting they want to learn more
  4. Design – Make it pop, hire a great designer
  5. Praise – If your clients think you are great, shout it from the rooftops!
  6. Video – Show your personality.

Ps. Don’t forget to buy your own name as a URL if available. All of the examples I highlighted did just that and I gotta say it works!
photo credit: Ed-meister via photopin cc

-via The OnRamp