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Let’s get this app started!

Posted by Amber Goodenough on November 01, 2010

Hey fourfour lovers…all 3 of you. For the past year or so we have had this idea for a web app for golfers. Well wait, let me back up. We built a private version of the app 3 years ago and then had the idea last year to try and turn it into a business.

So here we are November 2010 and we are about to launch our app to a select group of BETA testers. Hopefully after a few months of testing and debugging we will be ready to launch to the entire internet population at the beginning of 2011.
We are very excited to get started testing it out on live humans! To help with the beta test, please email us Amber@fourfourmedia.com.


fourfour Gets a Makeover

Posted by Amber Goodenough on June 21, 2010

It was time, while we loved the old site it had been two years since our last make over and the old site was starting to look tired. Plus we wanted a new space where we could show off all the new work we have been working on for the last 2 years. The new fourfour site also features a blog, which if you are reading this, you have already discovered. Congrats!

This new wordpress site is great since it is easy to update and add new projects to. So keep your eyes peeled for the latest and greatest fourfour has to offer.

If you would like to contact us for your upcoming project please call Eric or Amber at 805-450-2556. We look forward to hearing from you!


going to work on our new busin…

Posted by Eric Goodenough on February 26, 2010

going to work on our new business plan, trying not to pull my hair out.