3 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for your Small Business

Posted by Amber Goodenough on February 08, 2011

wp-logoIt’s true many a great blog were designed on WordPress, but is WordPress great for small business?

YES!! You can also use WordPress to build a fully customizable website, in fact the post you are reading right now is on the WordPress platform.  The reason we chose WordPress for our fourfour media site is simple: it’s easy to install, it’s free, VERY customizable and it’s easy to update.

We’ve love putting our clients on WordPress because it speeds up the development process and it’s just so darn easy for our clients to use after their project is finished.

WordPress plug-ins

A lot of developers have spent time coming up with resources for WordPress sites that let you the user stay in the drivers seat. A plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application.   For instance you can add a plug-in for social media buttons, shopping carts, image galleries, contact forms etc.

The idea is to use these pre-designed little apps to enhance your website and make it so easy that you can do it yourself. We use plug-ins to increase our SEO rankings, one for sharing our posts on social media sites and one to collect contact details from potential clients.

Most of these plug-ins are easy to use and easy to install without having to contact your developer every time you want to add something.Now this won’t work in every situation and sometimes an experienced set of hands is required. Think of it like a car, a car owner can probably change the oil, pump up the tires and maybe even change the spark plugs.  But if you want to swap the engine or add new brake pads….. you really need to take it into a professional.  Make sense?

WordPress is easy to use even if you don’t know how to code

WordPress text editors have what is called a WYSIWYG, which stands for “What You See is What You Get”.  Which means that the text editor is VERY easy to use.  It has familiar text editing buttons (bold, bullets, spell check etc.)  just as you would see in MS Word or Pages and the layout in the editor is exactly the way it will look when published.  You don’t need to know any HTML to make things appear the way you want them.

All you need to learn are the basics of how to update posts, add images and change the settings on your widgets and plug-ins. After that you can take your site out for a solo drive. One of our favorite things to do is train people to use WordPress on their own. We love helping regular folks get comfortable managing their online presence.

WordPress customizable themes

A theme refers to the navigation layout and the look or design of your site. When you hear “wordpress template” or “wordpress theme” what that means is that you can purchase a pre-designed template and then make it your own.  We have put many of our clients on pre-designed themes to speed up completion time and to save money on a custom design. Once you pick a theme, it’s easy to tweak and change colors, navigation etc. to really make it custom for you and your business.

sample wordpress theme

You can lay almost any design on top of the WordPress platform and luckily there are thousands of free themes you can choose from.  Although the best way to get a design that fits you and your business is to hire a team to do it for you.  Whichever way you go, there are a million different options to make your website stand out and make it completely you.

Bottom line:

WordPress is great for business, it’s great for blogs and there are new updates and plug-ins coming out every day.  WordPress can improve your site, keep your customers up to date and you can feel in control of your online presence.