What fourfour media is all about

  • Are you looking to build a new website?
  • Do you have a website but it needs a new look and feel?
  • Do you want to transition your current website to WordPress?
  • Are you brand new to online marketing and need a little help?

Or maybe you are just overwhelmed trying to get your website to work for you…

You’re in the RIGHT place!
Like all super heroes we believe in honesty, integrity and taking care of the clients we serve. We have a strong sense of responsibility to stop bad design and flaky coders wherever they may be found. We’ve assembled a crack, web team of shape shifters, spoon benders and code ninjas whose extraordinary super powers will make your site come alive. We provide leadership, creativity and solutions to make each site innovative and functional.

Here’s how we can help you


  • WordPress Migrations
    We’ll transition your current site into WordPress so that YOU can manage the backend.  No more calling your ‘web guy’ every time something needs to be updated.
  • WordPress from Scratch
    Need a brand new site?  We’ll work with you to come up with a plan for getting your site online and in front of customers.  We can integrate eCommerce, forms, blogs, membership and forum management, and more.
  • Website Makeover
    If your current site is in need of some love and attention, we’ll help you get it looking like new again.
  • Graphic Design
    We love graphics! Our design team can rebrand your business in a flash. We design everything from logos to print collateral to custom web designs.
  • Online Marketing and SEO training
    New to online business? Lucky for you, we’re not. We’ll give you strategies for improving your ranking and reaching new customers.
  • WordPress training
    Become your own superhero, get trained by the best! Included in your package are FREE training videos. We will make custom training videos of how to use the backend of your site so you never need to put up the bat signal again!
  • Plug-ins galore
    We’ll hook you up with our favorite general WordPress plug-ins to super charge your SEO, your stats and your social reach.  (Don’t know what a plug-in is? That’s ok, we’ll tell you all you need to know)

About fourfour


As business owners for over 13 years, we understand the challenges that come with managing your presence online. Our goal is to make your site stand out in the crowd and to make you the master of your domain…literally. But we’re not just web developers and designers, we are entrepreneurs and we use our entrepreneurial expertise and in depth knowledge of web technologies to plan your site. We’ve built sites for all shapes and sizes of businesses, from large multi-million dollar empires to small mom and pop stores and everyone in between. Contact us today to find out how we can help you! Check out our portfolio. Need help getting a business plan together? We can help with that too, check out our training classes –  The OnRamp – Empowering Creative Entrepreneurs

The Team

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