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Web design Omaha – Oh yeah we moved

Posted by Eric Goodenough on November 25, 2013

web design omaha

We are thrilled to announce that fourfour media will now be rocking our web design from Omaha, Nebraska.  After 5 years of location independence we’ve decided to call Omaha home again for the foreseeable future. We love the city, the people and thank goodness there is good food here now!

We first moved to Omaha in 2000 and opened our very first business.  A coffee shop called Caffeine Dreams. We loved our shop
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Easy websites for therapists

Posted by Eric Goodenough on July 30, 2013

Case study: Websites for Therapists

For many therapists and mental health professionals, figuring out people and why they do what they do is easy. The hard part is how to stand out online.

Most therapists I have talked to, (No, I’m not a nutjob, my sisters-in-law are both therapists and I know a few others) agree that therapy websites are just darn awful. The design is bad, the navigation is awful and the information can sometimes be hard to find. This bad design can be detrimental to your therapy business! Potential clients need easy access to information about your practice and need to fell that they can trust you so that you get the booking for the initial meeting.

So what’s a modern therapist to do?  Below are our quick and easy tips for creating a website for your therapy business.
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WordPress – Search Everything Plugin

Posted by Eric Goodenough on February 11, 2013

On a recent project I needed to extend the WordPress search functionality to search tags, categories, pages and posts. The default search function only searches post content. Through a bit of searching I found the Search Everything plugin.

Wordpress Search Everything This plugin ties in with the default WordPress search and allows you to search everything from categories to comments. You can also exclude certain categories, posts and pages from the search. Pretty handy and painless to set up.


3 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for your Small Business

Posted by Amber Goodenough on February 08, 2011

wp-logoIt’s true many a great blog were designed on WordPress, but is WordPress great for small business?

YES!! You can also use WordPress to build a fully customizable website, in fact the post you are reading right now is on the WordPress platform.  The reason we chose WordPress for our fourfour media site is simple: it’s easy to install, it’s free, VERY customizable and it’s easy to update.

We’ve love putting our clients on WordPress because it speeds up the development process and it’s just so darn easy for our clients to use after their project is finished.
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What’s the difference between a web app and a website?

Posted by Amber Goodenough on December 08, 2010

Do you know the difference between a web app and a website?

I can’t tell you how many times in the last year or so that I have been asked to explain the difference between a web application and a website.  I guess that’s what happens when you start building an app.  I keep trying to explain how it is different than a website but I’m not sure that anyone is understanding what I’m saying so here is my non-geeky way to explain the difference.

We all know what a website is, we use them every day to get information, to read about a particular subject or to see if that Thai restaurant down the street has a menu online (mmmmm Thai food).  This is pretty basic.  My website for fourfour media, gives you information on who we are, what we do and how you can reach us.  There isn’t really any interaction, unless you want to contact me but this takes you away from my site and into your mail application.  So you can see that websites, are what we call “static”, meaning they don’t move or do tricks.

A web app on the other hand is a tool, it does lots of tricks and maybe even improves your life in some way.  Everyone that uses the internet has used an app.  Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Gmail, Skype etc.  These are all sites that you interact with.  It helps you do some kind of task or action.  For me my most used apps are Facebook (social networking), Backpack (business organizing tool), Flickr (photo sharing), and HootSuite (Social network dashboard).

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