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Web design Omaha – Oh yeah we moved

Posted by Eric Goodenough on November 25, 2013

web design omaha

We are thrilled to announce that fourfour media will now be rocking our web design from Omaha, Nebraska.  After 5 years of location independence we’ve decided to call Omaha home again for the foreseeable future. We love the city, the people and thank goodness there is good food here now!

We first moved to Omaha in 2000 and opened our very first business.  A coffee shop called Caffeine Dreams. We loved our shop
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ClubDivot now accepting Beta testers!

Posted by Amber Goodenough on March 08, 2011

In case you haven’t heard us yelling from the rooftops, our new product ClubDivot is almost in Beta! We launched a sign up page for those that want to be beta testers, which means you get to try it first before everyone else and tell us how rad it is or what it needs. We are excited to get some actual humans on our site and we have a lot to get done in the next few weeks as we get ready to launch the beta.

In case you aren’t familiar with the product, basically it makes your golf schedule easier to manage. We provide ways for you to send tee time invitations to your friends and business contacts and ClubDivot has a calendar view that will sync with your iCal or Outlook. We make it easy to book online and provide ways for small clubs to keep track of and communicate with its members. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

We hope to launch in the next few weeks, so get ready to PLAY MORE GOLF!

The golf pros

Golfin' it up!


Learning Organically

Posted by Eric Goodenough on January 27, 2011

So as developers and designers we are constantly pushing ourselves to hone our skills and learn new techniques or technologies. A fair amount of learning is done on the job, but most times we practice these new skills in our free time.  Staying up to date and honing our skills on relevant technologies is what makes the distinction between successful developers/designers and the ones whose skills stagnate.  When hired, we are expected to execute fast and correctly, not experiment with edge technologies and implementations.rubygems

My personality type and hunger for knowledge have lead me down the path of learning organically. For instance, on the two projects I am currently working on, I kept getting frustrated with the lack of access to a htaccess file on Heroku. For both of these projects I wanted to password protect the staging and production sites while in development. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving Heroku. But if you guess, stumble upon or happen to know the URL, its completely unprotected. This poses problems for ‘top secret’ projects. So I started thinking, maybe we could build an add-on that serves a proxy and has basic http authentication.  Joshua, my main Rails developer, pointed out that this is simple enough to implement in a Rails app, that a proxy is not really necessary.  But will anyone (including me) implement it on every project?
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