Web design Omaha – Oh yeah we moved

Posted by Eric Goodenough on November 25, 2013

web design omaha

We are thrilled to announce that fourfour media will now be rocking our web design from Omaha, Nebraska.  After 5 years of location independence we’ve decided to call Omaha home again for the foreseeable future. We love the city, the people and thank goodness there is good food here now!

We first moved to Omaha in 2000 and opened our very first business.  A coffee shop called Caffeine Dreams. We loved our shop
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Does my small business need a website?

Posted by Eric Goodenough on October 18, 2013

IMG_2989In this post we’ll walk you through the steps to take to determine if your small business really needs a website.

If you are going back and forth on whether or not your small business needs a website, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. How do you filter through all the noise? How do you come up with a plan for your online presence that makes sense for your budget and your customers?

Step 1: Talk to your customers

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5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Posted by Eric Goodenough on August 01, 2013

We’ve been working in and out of the country for about 5 years now. We’ve worked with teams in the US and teams across the world. We started with a coder in Spain, then with developers in New York, Northern California and over the last year we’ve worked with teams in Oregon, Kansas, California, Taiwan and New Zealand. Needless to say we have yet to meet all the great people that have helped fourfour become a success over the years, but we have come to appreciate and understand the “ins and outs” of remote workers. We’re not talking about outsourcing here…just freelancers in different locations.

Here are our top 5 tips for managing a remote team

1. Communication: This is very important. First you need a good tool to manage communications, deadlines, timelines and project tickets. I use Basecamp and Codebase. Since I am the project manager it’s my job to know where everyone is on our deadlines at all times. I have some kind of chat open on my computer at all times so if anyone has a question or needs to get a hold of me at any time I am available, this way we don’t hold up the process waiting for emails to get returned.

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Easy websites for therapists

Posted by Eric Goodenough on July 30, 2013

Case study: Websites for Therapists

For many therapists and mental health professionals, figuring out people and why they do what they do is easy. The hard part is how to stand out online.

Most therapists I have talked to, (No, I’m not a nutjob, my sisters-in-law are both therapists and I know a few others) agree that therapy websites are just darn awful. The design is bad, the navigation is awful and the information can sometimes be hard to find. This bad design can be detrimental to your therapy business! Potential clients need easy access to information about your practice and need to fell that they can trust you so that you get the booking for the initial meeting.

So what’s a modern therapist to do?  Below are our quick and easy tips for creating a website for your therapy business.
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What kind of website do I need?

Posted by Eric Goodenough on July 24, 2013

what kind of website

For many small business owners, building a website for your business can be a process full of anxiety, uncertainty and stress. We regularly get asked “what kind of website do I need?”

You may or may not be familiar with the different kind of site platforms out there, WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, just to name a few.  So how do you know what kind of website you need? What is best for your business?

When you are getting ready to build your site, what kind of site you want is important to convey to the developer/project manager. I’m going to sit down with my favorite project manager today and ask him all the questions you should ask when searching for a team to build your site.
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fourfour media video production: Fun with green tea

Posted by Eric Goodenough on July 10, 2013

Here at fourfour it’s all about the finer things in life. Gourmet food, working from exotic locations and doing great work.

One of our many vices, if you can call it that, is green tea. We drink green tea like it’s going out of style. We get sencha delivered to us straight from Japan and make our own genmaicha blends. So it’s no surprise that we were inspired by the beautiful green tea leaves and tea accoutrements.

Check out this fun video we made last weekend with our Canon 60D. We used this incredible camera to film over 30 instructional videos for The OnRamp business planning class.

I think you’ll agree the footage is stunning.


How to be your own SEO guru

Posted by Eric Goodenough on May 26, 2013

Today we are so thrilled to share this fabulous guest post by Bryant Jaquez on his tips on SEO. Bryant is the owner of two companies Noble Creative and RedFounder.  Bryant has the privilege helping companies grow the most important part of their business, their revenue.

Search engine optimization wizzards

Have you ever wondered how a normal person can get on top of all this “SEO” (search engine optimization) stuff? Seriously, there are millions of blog posts about SEO and there are thousands of people who claim to be SEO gurus (hint, people who actually do SEO hate the word guru.  If someone calls themselves a guru, you probably shouldn’t trust them).
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22 website ideas for your small business website makeover

Posted by Eric Goodenough on May 26, 2013

Please update your old, creaky website.  It’s time.

I don’t know about you, but I set some goals for business this coming year.  I want to launch a 2 new products, blog 2x per week and make a profit at my brand new business…just to name a few.  I also wanted to launch a new website, since the old one didn’t really work well or give my readers any idea about who I am and what my brand is about.

And as I was looking around for some inspiring website ideas…I was shocked to see how many sites have not been updated in years.  Like have you been on Nordstroms.com lately?  I swear it’s the same site from 2006.  The navigation is funky, the links are FUGLY and its just generally looking kinda old.
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6 website ideas for your personal brand

Posted by Eric Goodenough on May 26, 2013

The thing about brands these days is that customers want to peek under the hood.  They want to see who is running the ship, make sure it’s not some old fart  with a bunch of smoke and lights behind a curtain. Customers want transparency, honesty and a to get to know you a little bit before they spend their hard earned cash.

If you are a solo-preneur or the genius behind the services you offer, make it known. Your brand is you.  Maybe it’s time to show you off.

You are awesome, your services are awesome, and it’s time your website reflected how amazing you are.

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WordPress – Search Everything Plugin

Posted by Eric Goodenough on February 11, 2013

On a recent project I needed to extend the WordPress search functionality to search tags, categories, pages and posts. The default search function only searches post content. Through a bit of searching I found the Search Everything plugin.

Wordpress Search Everything This plugin ties in with the default WordPress search and allows you to search everything from categories to comments. You can also exclude certain categories, posts and pages from the search. Pretty handy and painless to set up.