The OnRamp

Posted by Eric Goodenough on September 30, 2012

Challenge: Our other business is in consulting and small business education.  Visit The OnRamp for more info.

Solution:  For The OnRamp we created a beautiful WordPress design and custom 8 week eCourse.  The founders here at fourfour put all of our business and technology expertise to work on The OnRamp blog and products.



Posted by Eric Goodenough on September 30, 2012

Challenge: A golf app of our own design!  We came up with the idea for this web app that enables golfers to play more golf.

Solution:  We saw a need in the marketplace for a new way to organize and book tee times with friends. We built our very own custom Ruby on Rails application that enables users to create tee times, invite friends and book all within our app!



Posted by Eric Goodenough on September 30, 2012

Challenge: To build a iPhone app that enables rock climbers to create climbing maps.

Solution:  Our technology allows rock climbers to create route maps on the sides of  mountains.  With Cruxfix, climbers can take a picture of the rock, zoom in to a particularly challenging part (a.k.a. the crux) and then map out the best possible route over the crux for future climbers.


New York Stock Exchange

Posted by Eric Goodenough on January 25, 2011

Challenge: NYSE came to us to build a custom web app that would allow employees to compete in a wellness program as part of their first-ever global physical activity challenge, theNYX 500.

Solution: The fourfour team hustled to build this exciting app that allowed participants to register for the competition and then track and log workout minutes via email. We also integrated a leader board that tracksust individual, regional and management team stats to see who is in the lead. We set up an automated notification system that sends out weekly email blasts, installed a Twitter feed and completed all this in only 3 weeks!


Newmark Schools

Posted by Eric Goodenough on October 25, 2010

Challenge: Rocketfuel came to us with the Newmark Schools project. Newmark wanted a simple and well featured content management system and an updated look and feel to their elementary and high school web sites.

Solution: Newmark schools, located in New Jersey are state-approved private schools for children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders. We designed a new look for their site working closely with Rocketfuel to perfect their vision and usability needs. We then loaded the new theme into WordPress and created an easy to use back end.



Posted by Eric Goodenough on July 09, 2010

Challenge: Kollmorgen needed a great web team to work on a variety of branding collateral and web related projects.

Solution: Working with Kollmorgen since 2007, we have designed, consulted and developed multiple projects. We have helped on projects such as corporate branding strategy, eNewsletters and sales bulletins and built a customized CMS installation. We have also worked on projects for other Kollmorgen operating companies including, Motion Engineering, Danaher Motion, Dover and KMS. We have built a great relationship with Kollmorgen over the years and continue to work on their projects monthly.